Multivitamin CBD Gummies

10mg CBD + 5HTP

Targets pain and anxiety

Vegan & all natural

Build a Stronger Foundation for Better Health

A modern supplement for modern times. We’ve partnered with top scientists to create the UK’s first dedicated mind & body supplement. How? By putting a 21st century spin on a modern classic: Multivitamins + 10mg CBD + 5HTP = mental, physical & spiritual harmony. Vegan, all-natural, gelatine & gluten-free. Tastes like fresh oranges and strawberries.

The Complete Supplement

  • ✓ Targets the root causes anxiety, pain, insomnia & stress
  • ✓ Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • ✓ Designed to support the mind + body 


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What else you need to know.

The first Multivitamin CBD gummy designed to target the mind as well as the body.

Enhance your Mind

CBD to free the mind from anxiety and stress, 5HTP to boost happiness and Vitamin B12 to support brain health.

You only need one

30 gummies. One per day. A whole month’s health supply. Just one gummy gives you your entire recommend daily intake of Vitamins D, B6, & B5 (also known as Pantothenic Acid). Chew it or suck it, these taste so good that you may want to take two, or three.

Healthy from the Inside-out

Vitamins: A for organ function; C for cell and tissue regeneration; D for bone health; E for healthier skin, vision, and immune defence; B12 for DNA building & red blood cell formation; Zinc for improved metabolism function, cell growth and body maintenance. 

Clean Ingredients

No artificial colours, flavours, e-numbers and no questionable ingredients. We use Citrus Pectin too (instead of Gelatine), which is a stretchy, vegan alternative that makes our gummies super squishy and suitable for everyone. We can confirm that no pigs, cows or bears were harmed in the production of our gummies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Oliver Mitchell
Amazing taste really relaxing!

Ordered and got these the next day. They taste great and really help my anxiety.

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